Empirical Educational Research

Cooperation and International News

Many of the researchers from the Main Research Area of Empirical Educational Research had the opportunity to work with other universities and external scientists and researchers. Cooperation continued and was extended in numerous cases, and a number of new collaborations were established, for example with:

  • the Finnish Graduate School of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics Education,
  • the Eindhoven School of Education in the Netherlands,
  • the Swedish National Graduate School for Research in Science and Technology Education,
  • the Norwegian Knowledge in Schools (KiS) research group at the University of Oslo,
  • the School of Education of Stanford University,
  • the School of Science and Technology Education (Switzerland),
  • the Department of Mathematics and Science Edu­cation at Illinois University of Technology (USA),
  • the Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (IQB), Humboldt University Berlin.

Following on from the DFG Research Training Group “Teaching and Learning of Science”, the Main Research Area is offering a lecture series on current topics and priorities in empirical educa­tional research. Scholars such as Prof. Alexander Kauertz, Dr. Stephanie Pieschl and Prof. Rick Mintrop have been invited to present their current research findings in lectures, followed by an opportunity for discussion.

The Centre for Empirical Educational Research was also able to extend a Memorandum of Understanding with Curtin University of Technology (Australia), and more specifically with its Science and Mathematics Education Centre. The focus of the agreement is on research project collaboration and offering early stage researchers the opportun­ity to conduct part of their research at the respective partner university and publish their work.