Empirical Educational Research


Awards and Distinctions

  • Prof. Hans  E. Fischer received the Medal of Honour of the GDCP (Society for Didactics of Chemistry and Physics) in 2013.
  • Dr. Helena van Vorst received the award for the best dissertation in the Faculty of Chemistry. She wrote her dissertation in the DFG “Teaching and Learning of Science” Research Unit under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Elke Sumfleth.
  • Prof. Detlev Leutner was awarded the title of Dr. phil. h.c. by the PH Freiburg in 2012 for “outstanding scientific work in educational sciences and [his] interdisciplinary and applied perspective on educational research and practice”.
  • On the strength of the preliminary work conducted in the Main Research Area, an invitation was received from NARST to participate in the “ESERA at NARST – Symposium 2014” entitled “Addressing critical features of context-based science curricula”. Prof. Sabine Fechner (Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht), Dr. Andrea Harbach and Prof. Elke Sumfleth will present their contribution, “Learning chemical concepts in context: Evidence from different learning environments”, at the symposium.