Empirical Research in Education

Learning within the Life Cycle concentrates on further education research and adult learning. In a collaborative project under the BMBF’s Leading Edge Cluster programme, a sub-project of the Logistics Ruhr Efficiency Cluster, “Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung in der Logistik” (WiWeLo) (Scientific training in logistics), is investigating the model development, testing, implementation and evaluation of suitable concepts for studying and qualifying in the logistics sector, with certified qualifications for different groups at different operational levels. The concepts for this project are developed in close cooperation with industry, trade, freight forwarding and transport. Issues such as skills development in temping work and socially acceptable flexible working arrangements are examined in the BMBF collaborative project “Bildungszeit” (Time for Education). The eQual 2.0 research project is also part of the Logistics Ruhr Efficiency Cluster and examines the dynamisation of further education in logistics. Based on data from the Socio-Economic Panel, the “Determinants of professional further education in Germany” project examines which individual, job and company- specific determinants influence employee participation in professional development in the German private sector.