Essen College of Gender Studies

Cooperation and International News

The College is widely connected through ongoing research projects and the participation of its members in various scientific committees at national and international level. Cooperation partners are, among others, the Universities of Maastricht, Lancaster, Middlesex, Stockholm, Paris Nord, Sciences Po Paris and the Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy; the IE Business School, Madrid, the University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and Radboud University Nijmegen. Non-European cooperation exists within the Japanese Excellence Cluster “Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality” under the direction of the University of Tokyo and with Harvard University, as well as with Syracuse University, USA, and Saitama University, Japan, among others. In June 2015, longstanding cooperation partner Prof. Mari Osawa, University of Tokyo, was appointed Mercator Fellow by the German Research Foundation (2014–2018).

Further networking activities take place within the Committee of Women’s and Gender Studies Institutions in German-Speaking Areas (KEG), the Gender Studies Association Gender e.V., the Women’s and Gender Research Network NRW with Prof. Anne Schlüter as its spokesperson, and the European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS.