Essen College of Gender Studies


The College sees the interdisciplinary range of currently 20 disciplines and the heterogeneity of its members’ research approaches both as a challenge and an opportunity. Its goal continues to be to work on further profiling and strengthening the College as a special place of interdisciplinary exchange and communication between established and junior scientists within an innovative research institute of a university that is open-minded towards the integration of the gender dimension in science and research. As part of this process, the intersectional perspective of gender research and the contribution it makes to topics and questions of diversity research must be expressed even more clearly in the future. The positive assessment of the evaluators and their suggestions regarding the potential and further development of collaboration in gender medicine encourage the College to continue on its chosen course with the University and the University Hospital. In order to strengthen support for young researchers on a more institutional basis, applications are planned for a research training group in intersectional gender research – possibly the first with the participation of a medical faculty – as well as for a scholarship for international guest researchers.