Dekanin: Prof. Dr. Petra Stein

The Faculty of Social Sciences employs around 240 academics: 35 professors and 205 research associates. It also has more than 3,000 students, making it one of the largest social-sciences faculties in Germany.

Five institutes make up our faculty: the Institute of Political Science (IfP), the Institute of Sociology (IfS), the Institute of Socio-Economics (IfSO), the Institute of Work, Skills and Training (IAQ), and the Institute of Development and Peace (INEF). The latter two are pure research institutes. With this structure, we cover the full range of the modern social sciences—political science, sociology and socio-economics—and their methodologies.

Our main function is to conduct empirical research underpinned by a solid theoretical framework. Normative research methods ensure the relevance of our academic work and allow our scholars to reflect on their empirical results. With our fundamental research, we make a visible contribution to national and international academic discourse and commit ourselves to high-quality scholarship that tackles current issues in the social sciences. Finally, our applied research efforts allow us to take social responsibility by improving social, political and economic structures and processes in collaboration with our partners outside of academia.