Institute for energy and Enviromental Technology

Functionalisation of surfaces has recently been attracting increased interest. The research area of functional surfaces brings together the fields of adsorption, filtration and photocatalysis. In close cooperation with the UDE's Institute of Combustion and Gas Dynamics (Prof. Christof Schulz) and Chair of Thermal Process Engineering (Prof. Dieter Bathen) and the DTNW (Prof. Eckhard Schollmeyer), a concept was developed for the "Center for Filtration Research and Functionalised Surfaces (ZF³)" which convinced the international jury of the NRW state government's "HighTech.NRW" programme. Over the next three years, this project, coordinated by IUTA (Dr. Stefan Haep), is to receive over 8 million euros in funding, which will primarily be invested in a new hall and experimental test rigs to investigate the removal of highly toxic gas components and liquid and solid particles below 100 nm. At the kick-off meeting, 30 companies from filtration, plant engineering and construction expressed their willingness to actively participate in ZF³, which is a clear indication of the interest within industry.