Mercator School of Management

The internationalization and improvement of research performance at the MSM in 2012 is reflected in the significant rise in publications in international A+/A journals. In addition, the DFG is supporting two projects established and supervised by Professor Alf Kimms, “Revenue Management for Enterprises in Strategic Alliances” and “Co-operative Vehicle Routing Problems with a Rolling Planning Horizon”, and Professor Torsten J. Gerpott is participating in DFG Collaborative ­Research Centre 627 “Environment Models for Mobile Context-oriented Systems” with the ­subproject “Determinants of Demand of Location-based Services”. The MSM is also represented in DFG Research Training Group 1613 “Risk & East Asia” by its Professors Werner Pascha and Markus Taube.
Research activities at the MSM also received support in the framework of just under 20 ongoing projects in 2012. Outstanding examples are the BMBF-funded project “InDiPro – Integrated Service Productivity Diagnostics in Hospital Care” with its subprojects ProMit (Professor Margret Borchert) and ProPat (Professor Gertrud Schmitz), and the “small business management/GRIID” project (Professor Volker Breithecker) commissioned by the European Union and the NRW “Ziel 2” programme. Professor Gertrud Schmitz also participates in the Efficiency Cluster LogistikRuhr with her subproject “CoReLo – Integrated CSR-Management in Logistics Networks”.
In terms of knowledge transfer at the MSM, two particularly successful conferences organized in 2012 by the Department of Accounting and Finance deserve special mention: the 16th bank symposium “Profiles and Profitability – Banking Business Models at a Turning Point” on 19/20 September, and the “ecfs Funding Day: the Battle for Deposits” expert conference on 30 May.