Director: Prof. Dr. Michael Brocke

The interdisciplinary research into Jewish history and culture carried out by the Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute for German-Jewish History (Salomon Ludwig Steinheim-Institut für deutsch-jüdische Geschichte e.V., STI) focuses primarily on the German-speaking countries from the Middle Ages to the present.

Perspectives of religious and social history as well as literature and cultural studies are being applied to examine the dense network between Jewish and non-Jewish societies. Thereby the research into German-Jewish contexts, sources and traditions and the communication of those are in focus. Thus new insights are gained and taught as to how Jewish men and women in the German-speaking world and elsewhere in Europe confidently and versatilely shaped and continue interactively shaping their world in a multilingual way.

Steinheim Institute considers its task as to incorporate the findings of its scientific work into social and political discourse. Lectures and colloquia, conferences and publications are fostering international scientific exchange and provide access to Jewish culture and history to the general public.