Transfer and Sustainability

In order to fulfil our task of pooling, supporting and making more visible the research on integration and migration at the UDE, we concentrate our work on five main topics: Multilingualism and education, work, education and social participation, health and medicine, polit­ical controllability and design, and transnational and global processes. Open and flexible, these focal points promote exchange and cooperation, interweave research approaches in an interdisciplinary way, and create new points of discussion.

Recently, this effect was impressively demonstrated by the further development of an interdisciplinary model project at the University Hospital Essen. Not only was the project “Empathic Intercultural Doctor-Patient Communication” successfully completed there in cooperation between medicine and the humanities, social and educational sciences, it also led to the establishment of a new, long-term working department on the above-mentioned topic. Many disciplines and research areas work together at InZentIM. This breadth makes it possible to constantly develop new fields of cooperation, often directly linked to practice, be it everyday clinical practice or the school sector. The Ruhr region offers excellent conditions for this since it has long been characterised by migration and the difficulties and opportunities of integration.