Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Dieter Bathen

IUTA is a research institute in the field of energy and environmental technology and has been an official associated institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen since 1991. It forms the bridge between basic research and industrial application. The approx. 140 employees mainly work on application-oriented R&D projects with industrial partners. In addition, basic research-oriented projects are carried out with universities and other research institutions. In order to finance its work, the Institute generates an annual turnover of 9 to 10 million euros, with another 4 to 5 million euros passed on each year to other research centres via IUTA as a member association of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF e.V).

IUTA has extensive equipment with pilot plants, some of which are unique in the world. The dimensions of these plants allow for safe transfer to an industrial process level. In addition, the Institute operates analytical laboratories for the chemical characterisation of substances and pollutants. For the research work and facilities, approx. 2,680 m² of office and laboratory space and 5,200 m² of pilot plant halls are available.