The increasingly international nature of and growth in the MSM’s research performance in 2017 to 2018 is apparent above all from the rising number of publications in international A+/A journals. In addition to this, the DFG is funding the projects “Logistic Planning Problems in Disaster Relief” by Prof. Alf Kimms, and “Credit-restricted Companies in the Global Economy: Implications for Competition, Welfare and Inequality” and “Innovation, Technological Diffusion and Income Inequality in Interdependent Market Entry”, both by Prof. Tobias Seidel. Prof. Marie Paul is taking part in DFG Priority Programme 1764 “The German Labour Market in a Globalized World” with a subproject called “Female Employment Patterns, Fertility, Labour Market Reforms and Firms: A Dynamic Treatment Approach”. The MSM is also contributing to DFG Research Training Group 1613 “Risk & East Asia” through Professors Werner Pascha and Markus Taube.

There are close to 20 other externally funded projects that also support the MSM’s research work in the relevant period. Examples include the BMBF-funded projects “AKTIV-Kommunal” (Prof. Margret Borchert) on developing concepts and instruments to support organisational change and innovation processes in the municipal service sector, and “Smart Market²” (Prof. Gertrud Schmitz) on interactive shopping experiences with digital services in inner cities. BMBF funding is similarly supporting the IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies, led by Prof. Markus Taube.

As in the years before, numerous scientific meetings, conferences and workshops were held at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) in 2017 and 2018, of which three conferences are described here as examples. Prof. Yuan Li and Prof. Markus Taube very successfully organised the “Third International Forum on the New Silk Road and Sino-European Cooperation” in November 2017 and “The International Conference on the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-Up: Institutional Change and Reconfigurations of China’s Political Economy” in October 2018 on the Duisburg campus. In September 2017, the Chair of Banking and Finance (Prof. Bernd Rolfes) organised “Innovative Strategien für bekannte Herausforderungen – Optimistischer Ausblick in die Zukunft?” (Innovative strategies for known challenges – an optimistic view of the future?), the 21st edition of the long-standing banking conference.