Awards and Distinctions

Dean: Prof. Dr. Carsten Schmuck †

Members of our Faculty regularly receive national and international distinctions for their work. An especially pleasing development is that it was above all junior researchers and junior members of the Faculty who were successful in winning the awards, distinctions and individual grants in 2017 and 2018. Prof. André Gröschel, for example, was granted an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group on self-organisation of polymers and colloids with 1.3 million € of funding. Prof. Alexander Probst successfully took part in the NRW programme for returning experts and is receiving up to 1.25 million € in the coming five years to set up his group in Aquatic Microbial Ecology. Dr. Philipp Wagener was awarded the Gottschalk Diederich Baedeker Prize for his pioneering research on laser ablation, and Dr. Bilal Gökce received the Fojtik Henglein Prize for his work on nanoparticle synthesis with lasers. Dr. Jochen Niemeyer received the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2018 for innovative work in the field of organic synthesis and catalysis research. The Literature Award of the Chemical Industry Fund (FCI) went to Prof. Carsten Schmuck as one of three authors for their revised edition of the classic textbook “Beyer/Walter: Organische Chemie”. For its work in the Arbeitskreis Opwis, the DTNW won the NRW 2018 Efficiency Award for an innovative adsorber textile for noble metal recovery.