Support for Junior Researchers

The EKfG’s activities in this area aim to make junior researchers from all faculties aware of the significance of the gender dimension as a research quality feature and identify new starting points for further research questions in the different disciplines. Work takes place in various event formats and through opportunities for participation and networking. The most important components of the EKfG programme include the EKfG Nachwuchsforum (Young Researchers’ Forum), an interdisciplinary, self-organized peer colloquium for doctoral candidates and postdocs, the EKfG Forschungsforum Gender (Gender Research Forum) lecture series, connected to the credit system of the “Studium liberale”, in which current gender research findings are presented and junior researchers take part as lecturers, the German and English EKfG interdisciplinary research seminars with international guests, and organisation of gender workshops for project alliances and research training groups. Young researchers are also included in both EKfG project groups and thereby actively integrated in the research process at the College.

EKfG members also participate in DFG Research Training Group 1919 “Precaution, prevision, prediction: managing contingency” (2013– 2022) in the humanities; the group, of which the College is a cooperation partner, was extended in 2017. Also noteworthy is the involvement of EKfG members in DFG Research Training Group 2167 “User-Centred Social Media” (2015–2020) in engineering and in a junior research group funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), “Migration and social policy: studies on the governance, design and use of (local) social policy marked by refugee migration” (2017–2020), which also includes a habilitation project on the integration of women refugees in the labour market.