paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology

Research Highlights

paluno’s extensive national and international research activities produced numerous research ­results in the reporting period. In addition to a large number of research publications, they include:

  • Cloud adaptation: Our new techniques support the coordinated adaptation of software applications and the cloud infrastructure.
  • Data protection in the cloud: Our method facilitates the identification of potential data breaches based on the analysis of data location and data flows during cloud execution.
  • Embedded systems: An empirically evaluated ­approach to support the safety assessment and functional design of embedded systems.
  • Contextual services: Method and tools supporting the development of scalable, interoperable, contextual services and applications. Taking a ­mobile navigation application for the city of ­Madrid as an example, it was shown in a field study of over 600 users that our method and tool significantly simplified the development of such systems.
  • Learning on the job: The TalkReflectionApp supports work-based learning through joint reflection on work experience. The app has been validated in different sociotechnical ­settings.
  • Learning support: A framework for decomposing exercises in subject areas such as mathematics, and for flexibility in the order of subtasks based on learning progress and user input.
  • Personal Copilot proactively supplies application users with context-sensitive real-time information. The Personal Copilot is domain and technology independent. It integrates methods from the fields of context awareness, information retrieval, collective intelligence and semantic web.
  • Forecasting techniques for logistic applications: Real-time prediction identifies potential problems using real-time data (such as delays caused by congestion) and takes action to ­resolve them before they occur during process execution. By combining techniques from machine learning and complex event processing, our technique obtained a forecast accuracy of 70 % and 90 % in several pilot applications.
  • Project management: The outline of a theory explaining the development of sustainable project and project portfolio management skills in organizations. The theory explains the role of external resources, organizational learning processes and social interaction processes in these contexts.
  • Process support: Project participants are given support in identifying the necessary process steps according to different project parameters (e. g. role, type of project, technology, etc.) from a process model.
  • Trust: Design patterns to establish trustworthiness-by-design in sociotechnical service-based systems, and an approach to identifying ­trustworthiness violations in service-based systems.

Continuing Education

CampusLab is a programme developed by paluno to provide employees with continuing education opportunities in the latest practical 

IT topics. CampusLab facilitates systematic knowledge transfer by offering a course programme tailored to different roles and phases in the software process. The programme includes academic modules and modules specifically 

related to practice in the form of lectures, exercises and labs, as well as blended and eLearning formats. 

paluno plays an active role within the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB e. V.) in the standardization of training and further education in requirements engineering. It is IREB’s aim towards this end to provide a certification model with syllabuses and exams. Over 30,000 certificates have been issued so far.

paluno also supports VAWi (a virtual continuing education programme in business information systems). VAWi is a highly successful eLearning degree course provided by the University of Bamberg and the University of Duisburg-Essen and leads to the Master of Science in Business Information Systems. VAWi is taught by 19 respected university teachers/lecturers with over 40 tutors from ten German universities, all of whom bring their experience and expertise in research and teaching to the programme. 

For the “Organizational Management” master’s degree at the Institute of Work Science of the University of Bochum, paluno is responsible for course modules on communication and knowledge exchange in organizations and innovation through process management. paluno was significantly involved in the certification of the master’s degree in 2014.

paluno also provides a range of customizable course offerings for open and in-house training on subjects including IT project portfolio management, IT project management, mobile applications, ­requirements engineering, software engineering, enterprise architecture management, and variability management.