Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA e.V.)

Collaboration and International News

Germany takes a leading role internationally in energy and environmental technology and has very many successful, predominantly small and medium-sized companies with a strong export focus in this field. Globalization therefore brings with it far more opportunities than risks for IUTA. Currently there is a noticeable rise in projects with an international context, i. e. either targeting export markets or initiated by foreign companies; a prime example being the filter tests to Chinese standards that have already become established at IUTA. Members of the Institute are also increasingly participating in international standardization/guidelines committees or international round robin tests. 

IUTA is cooperating with more than 150 universities and research institutions as well as over 250 companies at the present time, ranging from start-ups with three members of staff to global concerns with tens of thousands of employees.

Within the EU Horizon 2020 programme IUTA is involved in a number of projects or leading the consortiums; among them are NanoFASE (Nanomaterial FAte and Speciation in the Environment) and nanoIndEx (Assessment of Individual Exposure to manufactured nanomaterials by means of personal monitors and samplers).