The Faculty of Medicine celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. Comparatively young in age, it has nonetheless established itself on a level with the other medical faculties in North Rhine-Westphalia.

This dynamic development is dependent both on the scientific excellence of the researchers at University Hospital and on an infrastructure that supports or even facilitates their efforts and ambitions. Over the past two years, investment has therefore been made in establishing core facilities through which the entire Faculty has access to key technologies. The Imaging Centre Essen is one example, providing researchers with ultramodern imaging facilities for their work. Major progress is also being made on the West German Biobank Essen. These investments play an essential role in placing the Faculty of Medicine in an even better position to undertake highly competitive research projects and secure the requisite external funding.

A combination of dedicated infrastructural investment and investment in excellent scientists and researchers is crucial to the success of a faculty. Further professorships have therefore been established in Transplantation to specifically strengthen this core area of research.

Since 2014 the Faculty has also been providing a special package of measures to support early stage scientists and researchers during their ­habilitation. At the present time, 17 women ­scientists and researchers who have childcare commitments have a student assistant assigned to them.