When it was founded, the Faculty was primarily practice-oriented. Over the past four decades, however, it has gradually established and developed its research profile. Besides the industry collaborations and projects that go hand in hand with all applied science, the MSM currently targets outstanding publications and highly competitive third-party funding for its research. During the past few years, it has achieved promising results in research rankings, and it will focus on stabilising that development in future.

Operations Research/Logistics has recently developed into a new key research area at MSM, adding to the existing specialisms of Accounting/Finance, Economics and East Asian Economics. The professorial chairs of Professor Alf Kimms, Professor Jochen Gönsch, Professor Michael Manitz, the recently appointed junior professorship of Professor Rouven Schur and, further afield, the chair of Professor Torsten J. Gerpott are the main points of contact in this new research area. Operations Research/Logistics is also a part of the ‘Urban Systems’ research profile at UDE. The MSM seeks to expand the new key research area further and establish another in the near future.