The projects described above lay the groundwork for further research in the years ahead. The Essen Seminar for Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic (ESAGA) will be focusing on the establishment of a research training group and the associated research programme. We have received an extraordinarily high number of outstanding applications for our new doctoral studentships and are optimistic that the young academics will make interesting contributions to our faculty. Within the scope of the ERC project, Marc Levine has put together an active, international group of early-career researchers who will be shaping this active field in future. The DigiMal.nrw project is a new collaboration; its first members have been confirmed recently.

At the Faculty itself, two appointment processes are nearing completion: that for the tenure track junior professorship of algebra and number theory and that for Marc Levine’s successor. Both will influence the character of our faculty.

Our researchers in the fields of analysis and numerical analysis  are working on further collaborative projects, and a new call for papers will be issued in analysis. The coming years will offer many new catalysts for exciting developments.