Research at the University Hospital Essen is flourishing, as is demonstrated not only by the 
increasing number and quality of publications, but also by the rise in funding. Every effort is 
being made to ensure that this trend is sustained. Beginning in 2011, research groups from nine 
departments and one institute will move into the new Center for Medical Research with its 3,300 m2 of laboratory space. It will offer both a fully equipped animal facility and an imaging facility. Together with existing equipment such as the 
MR-PET scanner recently funded by a DFG grant of 4.8 million euros, and the 7-Tesla MR scanner at the Erwin L. Hahn Institute, which in 2010 
enabled researchers to obtain whole-body scans for the first time, the new centre will provide 
researchers at the University Hospital with the state-of-the-art equipment to address new scientific challenges. The Faculty’s appointments policy has also set forward-looking priorities. The imaging facility, for example, will be complemented by a professorship for in vivo imaging, with the DFG-funded next-generation sequencing facility acquiring a professorship for genome informatics. In this way, these key technologies can be developed on an ongoing basis and employed to optimal effect by the entire Faculty.