Dean Prof. Dr. Hans Niels Jahnke
Dean Prof. Dr. Hans Arnd Rösch

The Faculty of Mathematics belongs to the leading research institutions at the University of Duisburg-Essen for a number of reasons, including its size, variety of research areas, links to other faculties at the University, international reputation and the worldwide contacts of its members, wide variety of courses in Bachelor, Master and teacher training programmes and an excellent infrastructure to support young scientists and researchers (International Graduate School of Mathematics). This is also reflected in the latest CHE Research Ranking 2009, which places our Faculty among the leading mathematics faculties in Germany. Particular importance is attached to the close connections with the Institute for Experimental Mathematics, where theoretical, algorithmic and applied research in Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics complements the work of the Faculty. Mathematicians at the IEM are members of the Faculty of Mathematics.
This report is structured according to the Faculty’s four research centres. The figure at the beginning shows an adaptive long-term simulation of the carbonation process in concrete. It depicts the Ca(OH)2 concentrations in a construction element at three different points in time over a period of 16 years. Only adaptive simulations allow such a precise long-term prediction. The results were obtained in the working group of Kunibert G. Siebert within DFG project SI 814/4-1 and the doctoral thesis of Dr. Christian A. Möller in collaboration with Professor Malte A. Peter (University of