Urban Systems

The sixth key area of research is Society, Education and Social Policy and involves researchers from the Social Sciences, Educational Sciences and the Humanities. The supposition that the (re)formation of a society or of a contemporary social system takes place as a function of designing/planning cities, metropolises and megacities is fundamental to this key research area. On this basis, social change is both the expression and outcome of changes in cities and urban spaces, and the city is thus simultaneously the product of its society and the source of its change.
Against the backdrop of this supposition, research in the key area of Society will examine phenomena of social coexistence in urban spaces, urban space as a place of civic education and schooling, and society's influence on designing urban space. It will analyse and challenge both the structure and function of the social nexus between institutions and systems, and their correlation with the social action and behavioural processes of individuals (agents). At the same time, the 'agent's' spatial practices (i. e. in educational institutions) which (re)produce urban space will be reconstructed. Here too, cooperation between several disciplines and faculties involved in the Main Research Area not only makes sense, but is also necessary for this work.
The analysis of changing patterns in urban educational and social spaces is the central object of research in the field of Education and Social Policy. The German Research Foundation project entitled "School Spaces and Culture. A study on the significance of the design, execution and structures of spatial planning on school cultures" is currently exploring educational strategies of spatially framing and anchoring educational processes.