German Textile Research Centre North-West

The national research project entitled "Development of organic flexible solar cells based on porphyrine and CNT-functionalization of textile surfaces" is being conducted in cooperation with Professor Dierk M. Guldi, University of Nürnberg-Erlangen, and Dr. Stefan Peil of the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA e.V.), Duisburg.
The "Center for Filtration Research and Functionalized Surfaces (ZF³)" is a joint large-scale project funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia between the DTNW, Dr. Stefan Haep of the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology e.V. (IUTA), and the University of Duisburg-Essen, which is represented by Prof. Dieter Bathen of the Institute of Thermal Process Engineering (TVT), and Prof. Christof Schulz and Dr. Hartmut Wiggers of the Institute for Combustion and Gas Dynamics (IVG).
The AiF (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations) research project on "Investigation of the visco-elastic behavior of technical yarns under short-time strain with high stress rates" is being conducted by the DTNW in cooperation with Hermann Finckh of the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering (ITV Denkendorf) and Marina Weiß-Quasdorf of the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research (TITK Rudolstadt e.V.).
The DTNW is also working with Dr. Lutz Prager of the Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (IOM e.V.) in Leipzig on a further AiF research project, "Effect of super-hydrophilic top-coats on the cleanability of coated fabrics".
 "Textiles for cosmetic and pharmaceutical usage" is a project in cooperation with Dr. Ute Hipler from the Dermatology department of the Clinic of Dermatology and Dermatological Allergy at Jena University Hospital and Dr. Jutta Quadflieg from the research institute of the Research Association for the Cosmetic Industry (FKI e.V.), Holzminden.
A project to develop sol-gel systems that are simultaneously antistatic and water/oil repellent is currently being conducted with Dr. Boris Mahltig and Prof. Horst Böttcher from the Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Medizin-, Bio- und Umwelttechnologien e.V. (GMBU) in Dresden.
The EU "DEPHOTEX - Development of Photovoltaic Textiles based on novel Fibres" project builds on previous work by the DTNW on textile solar cells and was initiated under FP7. The consortium consists of 14 partners from 7 European countries, with the DTNW responsible for technical coordination. The major goal of this project is the development of photovoltaic cells based on innovative fibre materials, and textile coatings.
The DTNW collaborates in fundamental research with Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Holdt, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Potsdam, Prof. Karsten Gloe, Inorganic Chemistry, Technische Universität Dresden, and with Prof. Lucia Mutihac, Analytical Chemistry, University of Bucharest (Romania).