Faculty of Educational Sciences

The MSM has made its mark in terms of knowledge and expertise in illustrating the research and occupational-specific fields of Accounting and Finances, Technology and Operations Management, and Management and Marketing, supplemented by economic and regional skills. In addition, the MSM has set up an advisory board, which is made up of leading representatives from the regional and national economy and which supports the facility with its teaching, research and self-administration functions.

First and foremost, the MSM is committed to a balanced mix of both applied and basic research, with its specialist areas largely characterised by their different areas of focus. It is worth highlighting, however, that the MSM has made significant progress in basic research in recent years. This can be seen in many ways, including the number of international publications in A+/A journals, even stronger participation in renowned international conferences, the development of the international and institutional research network, and the acquisition of external funding from the DFG.

The continued significant practical application of research projects is primarily due to the MSM’s varied and long-standing cooperation with partners from business and politics. In addition, the considerable number of EU and BMBF projects, commercial contract research, and hosting of regular conferences and workshops are clear indicators of its success in this field.

Alongside the transfer of applied research outcomes into practice, the transfer of academic findings into teaching is of central importance and applies equally to all specialist fields. The MSM remains committed to the unity of research and teaching. In terms of interdisciplinary collaboration with other faculties at our university, special relationships have evolved with the Faculties of Computer Science, Mathematics, Humanities, and Engineering.