Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Christof Schulz and Prof. Andreas Kempf have launched the DFG Priority Programme 1980 “Nano Particle Synthesis in Spray Flames, SpraySyn: Measurement, Simulation and Processes” together with two colleagues from Stuttgart and Bremen.  Scientific work will start in the summer of  2017.

The Chair of Reactive Fluids nominated Prof. Markus Kraft (Cambridge and Singapur U.) for the Humboldt foundation’s Bessel award. Kraft will visit the UDE for a number of weeks in 2017 and 2018.

Junior Professor Khadijeh Mohri was appointed in October 2016. She will work in the Chair of Fluid Dynamics on tomographic techniques in energy technology and process engineering. These combined measurement and calculation techniques are also of broader interest beyond the primary field of flame diagnostics.

The open-minded and forward-thinking nature of Mechanical and Process Engineering students is clearly apparent in the Chair of Dynamics and Control. A new test stand for plant growth has been created and deployed here with significant parts of the work performed in students’ theses. Sensor systems record the plant growth while environmental parameters and watering is controlled via programmable logic control units. The aim is to develop a dynamic system behaviour model and to control the entire system. For the students involved, this represents an ideal opportunity to learn about sensor systems, control technology and modelling methods. The high-level of interest and intensive student collaboration is certainly also due to the additional project aim of water conservation in global agriculture.