Faculty of Educational Sciences

Awards and Distinctions

Carolin Rotter received the Kurt Hartwig-Siemers Science Prize (endowed with 30,000 euros) from the Hamburg Academic Research Foundation for her research work.

Lena Blumentritt was recognised by the Rector of the University of Duisburg-Essen for outstanding research performance in preparing her dissertation.

Katja Grundig de Vazquez was awarded the 2016 Essen Savings Bank Academic Research Prize, which is given to the best dissertation in the field of the humanities, for an excellent piece of work entitled “On the Pedagogical Reception of Herbart and Herbartianism in the Early Decades of the Third French Republic”.

Mike Lüdmann received the Max Dessoir Award from the German Psychological Society for outstanding work in the field in 2015.

The awareness training initiated by Lena Wimmer, Silja Bellingrath, and Lisa von Stockhausen at Essen North East Upper Secondary School, for which they also provided evaluation research, was awarded 1st place in the Foundation Prize of the Cornelsen Publishing House at the 2016 didacta educational fair.

On the occasion of the publication of the MARKO-D Test in four South African languages, Annemarie Fritz-Stratmann was awarded an honorary gift for the Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Childhood Education Flagship.

Fabian Kessl (Summer Semester 2015) and Helmut Bremer (Summer Semester 2016) took on visiting professorships in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Vienna.

Christina Schlepper received the “2015 Fritz Sack Prize for Criminology” from the Society of Interdisciplinary Scientific Criminology for her dissertation “Criminal Legislation in Late Modernity. An Empirical Analysis of Legislative Punitivity” (Wiesbaden 2014).

In 2016, the “Open Sunday” project won the School Sport Prize from the German Youth Sport Association in Berlin.