Educational Sciences


The members of the Faculty of Educational Sciences know the value of working at a University which has several of its main strands of research in the cultural and social sciences. The environment in Essen makes it possible for the Faculty to turn its efforts in the pursuit of best practice into concrete programmes and look back on a successful reporting period, which is reflected in objective indicators such as an above-average level of external funding compared with other education ­science faculties. The question now is how to ­develop this strength further for science and for the Ruhr metropolitan region. The Faculty is looking to make greater use of the University’s Main Research Area of Empirical Educational Research to gain institutional support for its newly structured doctoral training and establish cooperation both in the region and on a national and international scale. In terms of content, ­research on classroom and other pedagogical ­interaction is to be combined with work on organisational development and the design and organisation of education systems.