Essen College of Gender Studies

Promoting Young Researchers

The EKfG´s objective is to raise awareness of the significance of the gender dimension as a research quality feature among young men and women scientists from all faculties and to identify new approaches in the development of further research questions. The College offers various event formats and opportunities for participation and networking. The core of these activities involves supporting the young researchers’ individual initiatives and encouraging them to present their own research achievements. The most important components of the EKfG programme include the EKfG-Nachwuchsforum (Young Researchers Forum), an ­interdisciplinary, self-organised peer colloquium for multidisciplinary networking of doctoral and postdoctoral students, the interdisciplinary public EKfG lecture series Forschungsforum Gender (Gender Research Forum), in which young scientists take part as lecturers, EKfG expert discussions with international scientists, as well as gender workshops for project alliances and graduate colleges.
In addition to the continuation of the existing collaboration with the DFG Research Training Group 1613 “Risk and East Asia” (speaker: Prof. Karen Shire), cooperation has also been established with the DFG Research Training Groups 1919 “Precaution, prevision, prediction” of the Historical Institute, and 1739 “Molecular Determinants of the Cellular Radiation Response
and their Potential for Response Modulation” in medicine.